Centro Infissi Torpè operates throughout the provinces of Olbia and Nuorom and in Siniscola accurate and professional service is on offer for the installation and sales of ironwork artifacts and gates in both wrought iron and stainless steel.



The following products are on offer to companies and individuals:

  • pvc rolling shutters
  • safety rolling shutters
  • aluminum shutters
  • blinds
  • swivel aluminum shutters
  • mosquito nets
  • blinds
  • motorized roller shutters
  • carved walls
  • dividing walls
  • DIY products
  • accessories for plumbing



The following are manufactured and installed by the company:

  • fixtures and window frames in wood and aluminum with continuous thermal cutting
  • fixtures and open-ended windows
  • fixtures and anti-theft windows
  • Fixtures and windows with acoustic and thermal insulation
  • gutters
  • gates
  • railings
  • iron structures of various sizes for warehouses
  • doorbells in refined masonry
  • gazebo
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